Julia Kleyman

Julia Kleyman Julia Kleyman
Director of Marketing and Business Development,
Geotechnical Services Inc.

As Geotechnical recently restructured to take on a new vendor for our best-performing product type, we needed to add significant visibility and innovative marketing strategies to our repertoire. Search Benefit became our primary advisor for all digital marketing and SEO/SEM initiatives. Working in the analytical instrumentation industry, where there is heavy online competition for top positions on search engines and a flood of internet ads that all look very much alike, we were not sure we could perform well considering our limited resources in terms of time and budget, and believing our website to be optimized in large part already. Search Benefit provided Geotechnical with excellent results that surpassed our expectations, landing us in the top three results for many of the most targeted and high-volume keywords for our industry. Search Benefit’s approach to SEO was truly innovative, providing us with an extremely thorough understanding of the search behavior of our target audience. The extensive web of industry keywords mined for us by Search Benefit has been extremely helpful in designing our search engine optimization and marketing campaigns. Search Benefit has empowered us to be able to understand and maintain our results by teaching us the concepts and skills necessary to be able to execute our own search engine optimization and providing us with the tools we need to keep our rankings high for years to come. Most importantly, we have seen an exponential increase in web leads. They’re pouring in!"

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