Gene Gorokhovsky

Gene Gorokhovsky Gene Gorokhovsky
Senior Software Architect,
Kanda Software

I worked with Philip at Kanda Software, a software consulting company and knew him as a brilliant colleague. He has a knack for quickly getting to the gist of the most unfamiliar and difficult topics. He is both technical and literary. At the time we worked together his primary responsibility was producing and reviewing majority of the company’s customer-bound communication materials. He brilliantly wrote numerous documents, from in-depth marketing white-papers to technical specs to new product proposals. His style was fluent and persuasive, with a sharp quality seldom found in the dry world of business papers. The company got several significant contracts on the strength of proposals that Philip authored. His talent for language and brilliant analysis that he brings to the team would make him an invaluable resource for any employer or business partner.

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