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Semyon Dukach Semyon Dukach

Search Benefit did a thorough SEO and digital marketing job for SMTP.com, which included product and marketing strategy, competitive analysis, an overhaul of our website, development and design requirements, keyword mining, content production in multiple languages, and Google Ads development and management in English and French. Our sales doubled within six months thanks largely to Search Benefit’s work.

Yury Strachuk Yury Strachuk
Auto Bid Master

By providing a multichannel monthly digital marketing and advertising package for a fixed fee, Search Benefit within just a year raised us from being a small startup to become a dominant online salvage car auction. We have never looked back!

Dr. Marshall Poe Dr. Marshall Poe
Editorial Analyst,
The Atlantic Monthly Magazine

I supervised Dr. Nikolayev when he served as a teaching fellow at Harvard University, where he taught history, literature, and writing. He is a very gifted teacher and writer. He was always extraordinarily well prepared for class, had a clear and direct presentation style, and got along well with the students (they loved him, in fact). I should note that Dr. Nikolayev won several teaching awards while at Harvard. I would work again with Dr. Nikolayev without reservation or hesitation. He receives my highest recommendation.

Peter McCracken Peter McCracken
Founder & Sr. Partner,

Philip brings a unique talent for SEO… Armed with his deep knowledge, Philip has been the primary source of search engine strategy on the global SEOChat Forum, as to what to do in current-day SEO to achieve results. Philip is the ’go to’ resource for anyone wanting to rank their website on the Internet.

Ann Smarty Ann Smarty
Brand Manager,
Internet Marketing Ninjas

Philip Nikolayev of Search Benefit is one of the most knowledgeable marketing community members I have had luck being in the same group with. His analyses are always in-depth and his expertise in various niches is astounding.

Roland Pap Roland Pap

SEOcertification.org is very glad to partner with Search Benefit in the development of our SEO training courses, curricula, and textbooks, as well as of our business strategies. We provide advanced instruction for and certification of search engine optimization professionals and trainers across the globe. In terms of both hands-on knowhow and methodological expertise, Search Benefit is among the authorities that set the standard of excellence for the SEO industry.

Shafan Nath Shafan Nath
Boston Airport Express

Here in Boston things are really competitive for limo services, it’s a five star city. Our ads were wasting our money. Then someone said we should hire Search Benefit. We talked to them and they said: your site is no good! Your message is no good! They changed everything on our site. They removed what we thought what was cool. They made it real simple and clear. And they changed our message, they made it about the client and not us. So, the same month a lot of orders started coming in. People calling, people booking online. The Search Benefit guys definitely know how to make it work! We are not computer people, we are limo drivers, but we are happy now that we hired them and it’s worth everything they charge!

Julia Kleyman Julia Kleyman
Director of Marketing and Business Development,
Geotechnical Services Inc.

As Geotechnical recently restructured to take on a new vendor for our best-performing product type, we needed to add significant visibility and innovative marketing strategies to our repertoire. Search Benefit became our primary advisor for all digital marketing and SEO/SEM initiatives. Working in the analytical instrumentation industry, where there is heavy online competition for top positions on search engines and a flood of internet ads that all look very much alike, we were not sure we could perform well considering our limited resources in terms of time and budget, and believing our website to be optimized in large part already. Search Benefit provided Geotechnical with excellent results that surpassed our expectations, landing us in the top three results for many of the most targeted and high-volume keywords for our industry. Search Benefit’s approach to SEO was truly innovative, providing us with an extremely thorough understanding of the search behavior of our target audience. The extensive web of industry keywords mined for us by Search Benefit has been extremely helpful in designing our search engine optimization and marketing campaigns. Search Benefit has empowered us to be able to understand and maintain our results by teaching us the concepts and skills necessary to be able to execute our own search engine optimization and providing us with the tools we need to keep our rankings high for years to come. Most importantly, we have seen an exponential increase in web leads. They’re pouring in!"

Vadim Yasinovsky Vadim Yasinovsky

Search Benefit has helped us tremendously by building our keyword strategy and SEO. They have propelled our search engine rankings to a much higher level, and we are very pleased with the resulting increase in ROI!

Natalie Kaminski Natalie Kaminski
FinCode Solutions

"Search Benefit truly stands at the cutting edge of Search Engine Optimization and commands the most extensive and up-to-date SEO knowhow. FinCode selected Search Benefit from among numerous SEO candidates; we partner with them on a regular basis in creating highly optimized Web solutions for many of our clients. Moreover, we rely on Search Benefit to fulfill our own stringent SEO requirements, and they do a tremendous job!"

Himanshu Sharma Himanshu Sharma
Optimize Smart

Philip is one of the most valuable gurus of the SEOChat Forum. He is an outstanding SEO. His contributions on the forum are truly remarkable.

Bronwen Jones Bronwen Jones
B2Marketing (UK)

We were having massive problems with our SEO due to a number of reasons and Search Benefit helped us to quickly diagnose and solve these problems that were hurting our rankings. We can’t recommend Search Benefit enough as they are clear and concise and very knowledgeable in the SEO field!

Josh Steele Josh Steele
Corporate Marketing Manager,
Flint Equipment

Philip’s expert contributions to the SEOchat Forum are consistently above and beyond the ‘call of duty.’ His well-articulated attention to detail has no doubt helped many individuals grow their websites into successful businesses, and his contributions to their success would be rated nothing short of top-tier consulting. I’ve seen him lay out nearly complete internet marketing strategies for individuals while expecting nothing in return. His stewardship in this regard is commendable, and I would have no reservations recommending him to a business of any size.

Bob Gilmour Bob Gilmour
Think Online Marketing

Philip is a leading search and marketing guru on the SEOchat Forum. He is a genuine expert whose advice has helped countless Web business owners as well as SEOs and marketing pros worldwide.

Roman Braginsky Roman Braginsky
Head of Sales,

I worked with Philip while I was at SMTP.com. He is a fantastic guy and an outstanding Internet marketer who has a great and innovative proficiency with all aspects of Search Marketing and Web Marketing, including SEO, advertising, and email marketing. He really knows his stuff and is also very detail and quality oriented and thinks totally out of the box. I recommend him from the heart!

Probuddha Nag Probuddha Nag
Internet Marketer,

Philip is one the smartest search marketers you’ll ever find. He is analytical, has an eye for details, honest and can think outside of the box. This would make Philip an invaluable asset to any organization. Philip has proven his SEO abilities on more than one occasion and is always willing to go out of his way to help. I can recommend Philip BIG TIME to anyone looking for professional and serious search marketing consultant.

Gene Gorokhovsky Gene Gorokhovsky
Senior Software Architect,
Kanda Software

I worked with Philip at Kanda Software, a software consulting company and knew him as a brilliant colleague. He has a knack for quickly getting to the gist of the most unfamiliar and difficult topics. He is both technical and literary. At the time we worked together his primary responsibility was producing and reviewing majority of the company’s customer-bound communication materials. He brilliantly wrote numerous documents, from in-depth marketing white-papers to technical specs to new product proposals. His style was fluent and persuasive, with a sharp quality seldom found in the dry world of business papers. The company got several significant contracts on the strength of proposals that Philip authored. His talent for language and brilliant analysis that he brings to the team would make him an invaluable resource for any employer or business partner.

Terri Wells Terri Wells
Industry Writer,

Philip has a deep knowledge of SEO that he shares freely with all learners in the SEOChat Forum. He regularly creates sticky posts that many of the forum’s members refer to again and again, and fosters wonderfully educational discussions. I’ve learned a lot from him, and so have most of our members.

Misha Kapushesky Misha Kapushesky
Genestack Ltd

Search Benefit created an optimized, search-friendly design for Genestack. We had special requirements, including pixel-perfect design implementation and fast page load speed (which is necessary for the best user experience and for SEO). Search Benefit coded the site exactly as required, following our spec to a T, and made our webpages lightning fast. We were delighted with Search Benefit’s work!

Andrey Tsukanov Andrey Tsukanov
SEO/SEM Strategist,

Philip is a very detail oriented SEO and marketing strategist. He is the solid SEO professional and contributed much free help on the SEOchat Forum. His expert recommendations and contributions were always very useful and helped effective. He helped many SEO specialists and webmasters to improve their websites’ visibility in the Google and Bing search engines as well as to improve their general marketing campaigns.

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