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Social is special. When more than 3 billion users worldwide are active social media users, you can guess how impactful Social Media Marketing (SMM) can be. You can guess at the scope of brand outreach, given that each active user spends an average of 2 hours per day on social networking sites. But why stop at guessing? Search Benefit's tracking metrics take all the guesswork out of measuring the effectiveness of our social media activities. You will see the results for yourself. Our seasoned social media strategists create vibrant social campaigns powered by attention-grabbing, shareworthy content, compelling storytelling, engaging images and videos, and efficient conversion optimization. Request a quote today!

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Benefits

You want to grow your brand, boost conversions and sales, turn consumers into brand advocates, and retain more customers. Check out how Search Benefit's social media marketing expertise will win you a grin:

Benefit 1: Brand Building

Social media exposure, influence, engagement — the triad that makes a strong marketable brand. We will translate your message into the language and emotional values of your target audience, engaging their reactions and providing them with the idiom that they will use to discuss your brand among themselves. We track the number of visits, page views, followers, fans, and subscribers. We measure both influence and engagement by logging statistical data on clicks, retweets, social shares, replies, posts, comments, etc.

Benefit 2: Create a Buzz

Social media is the natural digital milieu where we launch public conversations about your offering. We propel compelling information about your brand and about your value proposition to spread far and wide by creating trending content that is widely shared and enjoyed by many. Inquire urgently to find out more about our social media marketing methods — or for a prompt quote!

Benefit 3: Build Trust

Becoming a social authority on relevant topics is essential to turning your brand into a trusted information resource in your market niche. The way to achieve this reliably is through extensive content marketing, which is the backbone of all online marketing, including social media. Social media activity associated with your business also signals to users (and to the search engines) that you are an authority in your knowledge domain. All this results in higher and more targeted traffic to your site.

Benefit 4: Honest Feedback

Social media are synonymous with free speech. Practice social listening! Any comments on any aspects of your product or service as well as on any of your online content will serve as valuable, honest feedback that you can — and should! — use to improve your offering. In addition, you can promptly clear your customers' and prospect's doubts, gauge their priorities, understand their demands, channelize their emotions, and more. One-on-ones interactions are an important advantage of SMM.

Benefit 5: Social Proof

By and by, your audience's trust and loyalty turn into your brand's social proof. Trust grows upon trust. High social visibility provides an objective criterion of your company's trustworthiness and makes it easy for new prospects to approach you with trust. A brand already trusted by many is almost automatically trusted by more and more people that Search Benefit's social marketing campaigns continue to attract. Ask us this second how we will make your brand all the social rage!

Benefit 6: Targeted Followers

When properly socially promoted, blogs posts on your social profiles generate instant traffic. These are targeted users likely to turn into prequalified leads because they are interested in your subject-matter to begin with. Social traffic translates into traffic to your website as the sales funnel narrows down. Your site can get a powerful traffic flow from content that is widely read, liked and shared. Social media marketing hinges on trustworthy relationships, many of which eventually result in new customers for your business. Trusted channels enjoy swift update propagation and attract first-rate backlinks to your website. The more channels, referrals, brandshakes, the more business flows your way. Engage our help today!

Benefit 7: Search Optimization (SEO)

When your website's fresh content goes trending or "viral" in social media, it is shared widely and as a result attracts many "organic" links from other sites. Not only to fresh prospects find their way to your site via those links, but this has the additional effect of increasing your site's Domain Authority (DA), a metric that has a strong correlation with your site's ability to appear in the search results for your market's typical keyword searches. Moreover, Google constantly monitors and measures the social activity that is taking place around your brand, more and better activity translating to better rankings for your website. Last but not least, your social media posts and tweets are likewise indexed by the search engines and are likely to appear in search results, leading more interested visitors to your selling web pages.

Benefit 8: Social Optimization

Everything that we at Search Benefit do as marketers relies on advanced methods of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). CRO means optimizing your visual designs, content, and marketing activities to convert more of your prospects into customers. Mathematically, the conversion rare equals the number of converted prospects over the total number of site visitors. The refined CRO methodology and best practices, as applied by Search Benefit, make social media marketing word to your true advantage.

Benefit 9: Competitive Advantage

By engaging in social media marketing, you gain an instant competitive advantage over those companies that neglect it. Moreover, if your product or service is genuinely better that its competition, social word of mouth will reflect just that, giving your brand better ratings and reviews. So what are you waiting for? It is high time to open a communication channel with us!

Benefit 10: Grow Leads, Sales

Liking leads to loving. A user who "likes" your page is a potential convert. Fundamentally, that is what SMM is all about. According to HubSpot, 61% of US marketers employ Social Media Marketing to increase leads and sales. It is not easy. Search Benefit's Social Media experts know how to keep users glued to your online social profiles, increasing the amount of time they spend exploring and experiencing your brand. Contact us today!

The Importance of Marketing Socially

Industry surveys reveal that 24% of small businesses still don't use social media. The result? They stay small, stunting their competitiveness. Facebook alone currently boasts 60 million business pages and 4 million active advertisers. Your competitors are already using social media marketing, even if you aren't. Think about what this means. Are you OK with giving your prospective customers over to your savvy competitors, who take full advantage of the important perks of social media marketing? Are you OK with missing out on what your existing customers say about your brand, and with ultimately failing to retain them? We at Search Benefit did not think so.

But, since you have read all the way down to here, you now know you can do much, much better than all that — and you know how to achieve it! You want a lot more inbound traffic, better search engine rankings, higher conversion rates, improved brand loyalty, and more. We will simply take this concern off mind and implement your social branding hopes for you, up to the highest standard. The impact of our SMM campaigns is fully measurable. We use crystal clear metrics and robust social media analytics tools to track user behavior, prospective customer engagement, and conversions. And did we say that we would love to make you a lot more money, and that we're just a click away? Like it today! Let your value supply meet the social demand it deserves. Search Benefit is standing by.

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