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Search Benefit's Leader: Dr. Philip Nikolayev

Search Benefit's Leader

Search Benefit's founder and leader, Philip Nikolayev, is an online marketing strategist, SEO, and Web content architect. He holds three degrees: a BA (magna cum laude) and an MA, both from Harvard University, and a PhD in Editing from Boston University's Editorial Institute.

Dr. Nikolayev is a polymath. A well-known literary author and editor, he also has an extensive background in technical disciplines such as mathematics, logic, Web programming, and linguistics. He is fluent in several languages.

His professional interests include prime content marketing, viral content, SEO, AdWords and other PPC, opt-in email marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and advanced design and website optimizations.

He was an award-winning undergraduate-level instructor at Harvard in 1995-2000. An internationally known writer and marketing guru, Dr. Nikolayev started programming in 1998 and has worked in the World Wide Web industry since the year 2000 in the varied capacities of software engineer, project manager, marketer, SEO, and pay-per-click optimizer.

Many readers will be familiar with his informative articles (many appearing under the moniker PhilipSEO) on various topics in content marketing, search engine mark and advanced AdWords management, which can be found on SEOchat, the world's top SEO forum, and on numerous other industry forums.

Since 2009, he is the leader of Search Benefit, a Boston based online marketing and conversion optimization firm.

Prior to that that, that he was VP of Marketing at, a global leader in email marketing solutions.

Before that, in 2000-2005, he worked as a software engineer and knowledge management specialist at Kanda Software, where he participated in the corporate taxonomy training of large corporations, including Deloite Touche and Dun & Bradstreet (D&B).

He was also an instructor at Boston University in 2005-7.

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