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Today, digital is the destiny. To be found at a click, in the wink of an eye — that's is the key benefit of online advertising for businesses. Pay Per Click (PPC) ads run in search engines, social media, on industry forums and other relevant websites. Is it not one of our ads that has brough you here? We make powerful ads and landing pages that turn site traffic to customers at a blazing rate. At Search Benefit, we ace it — and we too are just a click away! Tell us your advertising budget and your industry for a swift quote!

Take Advantage of These Digotal Advertising & Google Ads Services

The Glory of Google Ads

Paid Google Ads search (formerly Google AdWords) converts 50% better than the free, organic Google search, and 10 times better than social media. This makes digital advertising the most important of your online conversion generators. Your brand is likelier to catch the user's eye if it is powered by Google Ads. Our Google Ads experts pride themselves on well tested conversion optimization tactics to progressively increase your advertising conversion rate, accelerating the acquisition of leads and sales. Think us and do not delay!

Top Benefits of Digital Advertising

Benefit 1: Businesses Earn Double Their Ad Spend!

Businesses gain an average 200% return on their Google Ads campaign spend, a highly efficient ROI model. More than 70% of marketers who have significantly benefitted from Google Ads say they keep continually jacking up their PPC budgets.

Benefit 2: Be Visible in Search Engines — Right Away!

If you have budget, Pay Per Click digital advertising guarantees you immediate placement on page of the Search Result Pages (SERPs) for your relevant keyword searches. In the fiscal year 2018, approximately 70% of Google's revenue came from Google's advertising networks. Today, Google's search engine market share is 92% globally. Additionally, other search engines — Bing, Yahoo and various regional once — can be important for specific market niches. The instant googlability offered by PPC Web advertising is a clear business advantage and a major brand equalizer in online search, opening a path for startups to be discovered alongside top brands. (By contrast, organic Google search requires intensive SEO and favors established brands.)

Benefit 3: 100% Transparency and Measurability

You will know exactly how many times your digital ads have appeared, how many googlers visited your landing pages and how many of those visits converted. You can rely on a range of informative PPC metrics to measure your website's performance and gain insights into user behavior. Our experienced PPC analysts will clarify any metrics as necessary. Some of the top metrics used by Google Ads are the clickthrough rate (CTR), the keyword and ad quality scores, and of course the number of conversions, the conversion rate, and the cost per conversion. Talk to us now!

Benefit 4: Stability, Reliability, Scalability

In an era of volatile market dynamics, where every new marketing trick is instantly adopted and replicated by competitors, businesses capitalize on dynamic advertising models such as Google Ads to keep up in the heated race. Do not let your website to sit idle! At Search Benefit, we know exactly how to keep your prospects glued to your pages as they advance alonng the conversion funnel, by and by tuning into your brand's faithful converts. We will study your core business needs and expectations in precise detail and will help you realize them efficiently. Let us know your dreams today!

Pay Per Click Advertising Advantages

PPC is next only to email marketing when it comes to reliable high volume lead and sales generation. PPC advertising generates 50% more conversions than organic search advertising. Continuously appearing in mobile search ad results boosts brand recognition by 46%. Your site needs a robust PPC advertising plan for greater brand exposure, leads, and sales.

To beat your competitors at PPC, raising your budget goes a respectable distance. But what really works big time is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). At Search Benefit, we provide conversion optimization by default as an embedded service in any digital marketing that we do. 79% of marketers say PPC ads have been highly beneficial for them. PPC is cost-effective. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad. You can limit your daily ad spend and access Google Ads data to review the budgeting contours. You don't want to lose out on the perks of PPC such as immediate traffic, increased visibility, higher a faster lead count, and more. The right keywords can get you money traffic within minutes, and seasoned PPC beneficiaries know this well. Find out too: inquire now!

The Benefits of Our Digital Advertising Methodology

Contemporary online advertising, most notably represented by Google Ads, is a digital applied science at which Search Benefit is expert. This section summarizes Search Benefit's Digital Advertising Methodology (including but not limited to Google Ads). We will perform in-depth keyword mining of the target online market niche and produce a master list of keywords that embodies the market's complete search footprint that helps measure the scope of market demand available to your product or service. This unique keyword list becomes your company's highly advantageous business asset.

Search Benefit's proprietary market analysis methodology is grounded in the concept of a market's "Search Footprint." Any market's information demand expresses itself online through searches, and every market leaves its distinct footprint in the form of search phrases logged by the Internet search systems, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo,, as well as the less known meta-search engines such as Dogpile and MetaCrawler. Search Benefit has access to vast quantities of public and proprietary stored search engine and metacrawler data as well as premium data repositories, and the ability to extract and analyse keywords and statistics from them thoroughly and on a large scale.

In addition, the relevant keywords already deployed by the site's competition will likewise be garnered, analysed and used to seed the master list generation. (Our inhouse software allows us to monitor keyword traffic online, track competitors' pay-per-click campaigns remotely, and monitor website the traffic statistics and search rankings of most websites.)

Once the first stage of our keyword research is complete, Search Benefit will create, launch and manage a new, profitable digital ad campaigns, within a daily budget provided by and determined in consultation with you. Contact us today for an attractive quote!

Additional PPC Services

Search Benefit can perform additional marketing services at extra budget and cost, whether right away or in the future:

  • Foreign languages. One of our strengths is that we are genuinely multilingual and can competently translate your website and all your marketing into foreign languages and run robust advertising campaigns in them in any region(s) of the world.
  • Other search advertising. In addition to Google Ads, we will run ads in other search systems such as Yahoo, Bing, and various foreign search engines.
  • Negotiated advertising. We will do research and outreach, negotiating ad placement with the webmasters of relevant industry sites and communities.
  • Social media advertising. Many companies can greatly benefit from ad campaigns one social media and social networking sites. Search Benefit can develop such campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks and forums.
  • Competition analysis. Although whatever we end up doing for you, we will always keep an eye to some degree on what your competition is doing in PPC. We can also perform systematic in-depth PPC competition analysis and legal "spying" on the competition's PPC practices, including their ads, landing pages, and total advertising traffic.

Kindly use out quick contract form this very minute to unlock your assured profits from digital advertising. Search Benefit's PPC and Google Ads experts are standing by!

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