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Online Marketing Analysis, Strategy, and Optimization

Online Marketing Analysis, Strategy, and Optimization

Let Your Market Find YOU, Fast!

You already know your market. But upon conducting an online market analysis of your niche, we will show you things about it you did not know. Such as the volume of online demand; how it behaves seasonally; how that market demand expresses itself in language. What your competition is up to; the extent of their online success as against yours. Moreover, we will discover specific opportunities for fastest and most sustainable online marketing success, identifying both the low hanging fruit and the long-term, higher goals. We will distill a practical online marketing strategy, its every element subject to rigorous empirical testing, measured verification, and progressive statistical optimization (i.e. growing ROI).

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Online Market & Competitive Analysis

Market demand expresses itself in search. Each market leaves a complex search footprint. First, we learn about your business from you and from your site. Then we examine your market. Using our proprietary methods of search data mining, we scan public and premium search databases to capture and analyze your market’s complete online footprint, filled with information you can use to get more sales or even to fine-tune your online business model. We will also establish your position within the online market relative to your competitors, and study your competition’s marketing techniques and methods.

Strategy for Content, SEO and Pay Per Click

Traditional marketing builds desire. But online, desire is already there in the searches, in the keywords. Effective online marketing simply removes obstacles to fulfillment, letting searchers find you and "convert" – part with their money – via those keywords. The search footprint of even a small market includes multiple thousands of active, relevant keywords. We extract them, determine their monthly search volumes on Google and in other search engines, and apply in-house algorithms to assess their competitiveness levels. Based on these, we create an optimal keyword strategy, to be implemented in quality content, and in our SEO, AdWords and other Pay Per Click campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an essential marketing strategy. Marketing – from the site’s graphic design to marketing copy, to landing pages, to advertising, email marketing, remarketing, and so on – is a “chain” composed of interlocked “links.” Each link makes its contribution to the ends of marketing. CRO is what turns marketing into an experimental, empirical science.  We test and measure the impact of each element of the marketing effort separately, via analytics & data analysis, optimizing it for best performance within the whole.

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Optimal Online Marketing Mix

Upon analysis, we put your budgeting market to intelligent use by pursuing an optimal mix of Search Engine Marketing (SEM = SEO + PPC) with other forms of Online Marketing, such as:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Opt-in Email Marketing
  • Press Release Marketing
  • Other Online Promotion and Advertising

Our resources are many. We will deploy those that realistically serve your marketing goals.

Global Market Analysis, Local Markets, Online Marketing in Foreign Languages

We have access to search data for most markets across the globe, international search data in all languages, and foreign-language search data in English-speaking counties (Spanish in the US, French in Canada, etc.). We know how many people search for what where. Wherever your market is located, whatever tongue it speaks, we will perform an insightful online market analysis. Our team is international, multilingual, including professional translators and linguists. English, Spanish, French, Russian, Hindi and several other major languages are supported.

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