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Online Marketing Methodology

Online Marketing Methodology

What We Do, How We Do It

The single largest problem with the vast majority of online marketing efforts is that they are not integrated enough, lack a firm foundation, are under-optimized. At Search Benefit, we believe in a seamless integration and data-driven optimization of all internet marketing activities.

We begin with a careful information gathering, and requirements and goals analysis.

We then analyze your online market and your online competition.

(A technical note. Access to vast quantities of logged search engine and metacrawler data in private and public repositories, combined with our proprietary algorithms of linguistic and statistical analysis, in-house data mining tools, and extensive experience in all the relevant fields, enables us to perform advanced search market and competition analysis. With the help of search intelligence software, we monitor paid and organic keyword traffic online and track thousands of search rankings to analyze market demand as it expresses itself through search. We also examine your competitors' search marketing practices to your advantage.)

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On completing these analyses, we will chart a multi-prong, multi-channel strategy and draw up a coordinated plan of action. In particular, we will determine which online marketing channels are best suited to the nature of your enterprise, defining the right message and call to action for each market segment.

We provide, not mere "quality copyrighting," but strategically edited, persuasive, prime content filled with information that your market is crying out for. The point is to make the content go viral, bringing targeted exposure to your brand as well as attracting natural, "organic" links to your website from your industry and your market.

We will SEO - that is, optimize for search - both your site as a whole and every piece of content that we create.

Deploying these content assets on your own pages and on other websites, in newsletters, press releases, opt-in email, in social media, we will set up and optimize online sales funnels that work best for your business model and market situation.

We will monitor the performance of every element of the marketing mix, optimizing it for maximum total conversion volume.

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