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Our team of seasoned content experts and copywriters will study your business and serve as your top-quality, high-volume, money-making content service. We provide accurate, deeply researched content for any industry and niche. Text! Crips videos! Handsome infographics! It's all here, just a click away. Use the contact form and let us know your content requirements right now for a prompt quote!

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Search Benefit is a high caliber content agency, run by Dr. Philip Nikolayev, a digital content expert, who holds a PhD in Editing from Boston University. Let us be your topnotch online publishing platform. Click here to let us know your content needs now and receive a prompt quote! Our handpicked team of highly talented, trained and seasoned content writers and subject matter experts will provide you with brilliant, accurate and relevant writing in accordance with best practices for high quality content, a sound content strategy, and your own business requirements.

Content Strategy

As a high volume content company, we optimize content production based on a viable content strategy, the result of in-depth subject matter research, keyword analysis, and data mining.

Content Development Services

A versatile content agency, we ready to take on most content creation challenges, including but not limited to the types of content listed fellow. We always provide quality assurance.

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Marketing Copy

We study your business and market. Speaking to each target segment in their own language, we zero in on their needs and aspirations, hook them, teach them, and persuade them to buy.

Advertising Copy

Web ad gurus at Search Benefit will make your offering stand out in contrast. We highlight key benefits compellingly and pen irresistible calls to action, increasing leads and sales.

Killer Infographics

We will design useful, informative, attention-grabbing infographics, including data points, graphs, charts and flows that help your prospects understand your offering and process.

Explainer Videos

Search Benefit's animation magicians will create attractive, lucid, well-narrated explanatory videos that tell your story and present your value proposition to prospective customers.

SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting = uniquely written, highly useful, eye-grabbing content with an attention hook and a keyword strategy, that is also tagged, hyperlinked and optimized with SEO expertise.

Viral Content

Fact: most high quality content will never go viral. Viral content must be the best of its kind; it must fill "information holes"; it must be vigorously promoted to. Viral content is expensive.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of valuable free content to attract a relevant target audience, with an eye to profitable customer action. Outsource it to us with confidence.

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Technical Writing

Search Benefit's tech writers have many years of technical writing, technical marketing, and knowledge management experience. We are clear, quantitative, to the point, and love documentation.

Blog Writing Service

We will publish (and optimize) your blog, writing confidently, accurately, in character, in the voice and persona you want. Outsource it to us, enjoy reading your own blog, gain followers, sales.

Press Release Writing

Google's Panda Update kills duplicate content. Publishing identical PRs on multiple sites are a waste. For greatest exposure, each published PR must be uniquely written and optimized, by us.

Email Marketing Content

Search Benefit's owner was VP of Marketing at, a world email marketing leader. Email experts, we create email sequences, boost open rate & CTR to site. Opt-in only.

Newsletter Content

Skincare tips, marketing tricks, used car deals, environment watch, science and technology news, you name it. Our "actionable" newsletters engage readers and trigger desired actions.

Custom Content, Ghostwriting, Speech Writing

Search Benefit's content team members have decades of experience in a wide range of writing styles and genres. Message us your content needs now to find out how we can help.

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Market, Strategy, Optimization

Each market leaves a search footprint that speaks volumes. We analyze this data to build a viable marketing strategy. Segmenting, measuring, testing and optimizing all elements of online marketing, we edge you conversion rate progressively higher.

Website, Content, Marketing

We are experts at designing, creating and marketing highly optimized websites. Implementing Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and other advanced marketing methods, we prime your site for sales.

Advertising, AdWords, Pay Per Click

Our Pay-Per-Click campaigns distinguish your offering from its competition. Through data analysis, testing, methodical granularity, and killer ads and landing pages, we achieve high quality scores and conversion rates, lowering the cost per conversion.



Dr. Marshall Poe Dr. Marshall Poe
Editorial Analyst,
The Atlantic Monthly Magazine

I supervised Dr. Nikolayev when he served as a teaching fellow at Harvard University, where he taught history, literature, and writing. He is a very gifted teacher and writer. He was always extraordinarily well prepared for class, had a clear and direct presentation style, and got along well with the students (they loved him, in fact). I should note that Dr. Nikolayev won several teaching awards while at Harvard. I would work again with Dr. Nikolayev without reservation or hesitation. He receives my highest recommendation.

Gene Gorokhovsky Gene Gorokhovsky
Senior Software Architect,
Kanda Software

I worked with Philip at Kanda Software, a software consulting company and knew him as a brilliant colleague. He has a knack for quickly getting to the gist of the most unfamiliar and difficult topics. He is both technical and literary. At the time we worked together his primary responsibility was producing and reviewing majority of the company’s customer-bound communication materials. He brilliantly wrote numerous documents, from in-depth marketing white-papers to technical specs to new product proposals. His style was fluent and persuasive, with a sharp quality seldom found in the dry world of business papers. The company got several significant contracts on the strength of proposals that Philip authored. His talent for language and brilliant analysis that he brings to the team would make him an invaluable resource for any employer or business partner.

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