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The Conversion Rate is the percentage of site visits (clicks) that "convert," turning into leads or sales. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is all about how to make everything on your site much better at making you money. It is so effective that it can boost your business faster than other marketing methods. Also called Conversion Optimization, CRO means ongoing reviewing, revising and fine-tuning all the parts and aspects of your website and of your entire your leads or sales funnel — to speed up your company's growth.

Search Benefit's veteran brigade of conversion optimizers brings dozens of years of combined experience to optimizing your website for brazen commercial success. We are digital business optimizers and we optimize everything that is optimizable. Inquire today!

Why Optimize for Conversions?

To optimize means to gain more and more from your inputs or investments. Digital marketing is all about attracting and converting website visitors. Amid the breakneck competition for generating leads, every visitor to your web pages is a potential, precious "convert." While our CRO methodology is technical and based on statistical analysis, the bottom line is so clear that it will remove any guesswork out of evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. We will analyze your online sales process in detail, diagnose lacks and inefficiencies that prevent conversions and cause drop-off in leads or sales. We will then design and implement solutions and best practices to overcome those inefficiencies, and we will continue to optimize and improve all the stages on your online sales cycle through continuous testing and upgrading. We will evolve your graphic design and provide ample, precise, powerful digital content for your business. We will document our optimizing efforts in detail and provide you with clear metrics that measure the impact of our good work on your escalating sales. Do not delay. We are standing by for you!

12 Top Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization CRO

Top 11 Conversion Rate Optimization Benefits

Optimization is guided by digital data. Here is a conversion-optimizing secret you may not have heard. Websites with more than 10 landing pages see a 55% jump in sales, on average, compared to sites with fewer than 10. Does that sound interesting? And check out this. The average Conversion Rate (CR) on a commercial website is 2.35%. That's the average success level. However, the top 5% websites enjoy average CRs that are 5-6 times higher than average, because they are massively optimized by industry-leading conversion optimizers. And here are the main benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization — reasons why it will work for you too!

1. Find out What Is Driving Your Conversions!

Many companies are getting leads and sales via their websites, but few know with any certainty which pages of the site, which paragraphs, which sentences, images, videos, buttons and links are more responsible for your conversions. We will take the mystery out of all that for you.

2. Find Out What Is Blocking Your Conversions!

Quickly (weeks, not years) find out now what unknown digital factors have bee ruining you potential for faster, smoother commercial growth. Allow us to share one of our findings with you. Search Benefit's website optimizers routinely review a great many sites. On the overwhelming majority of them — no matter how professionally, even glamorously designed — we can quickly identify CRO issues that cause drop-offs in sales or leads. Some 55% of all the sites we see are plagued by critical conversion optimization no-nos that reduce sales to a fraction of what they could be. Very often, we show how some simple design tweak can boost sales tremendously — right away. Inquire today!

3. Expand Your Converted Customer Base, Ramp up Sales!

Of course, this is the main reason, but we did not spring it on you as Benefit #1 because that would not have been as good for CRO! 😊 It may sound like a no-brainer, but if you improve your conversion rate, it means you will have more conversions for the same expense. Sometimes Conversion Optimization requires that we restate the obvious. Nor can we emphasize it enough. Turn your website into the best-optimized traffic-to-leads converter now! It does not take long to see results.

4. Lower the Cost per Conversion, Drive Profits Faster!

CRO is extremely effective at lowering your so-called Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), fast. CAC means your average marketing spend on acquiring a new customer. The simple math is that by increasing your CR you will thereby reduce your CAC accordingly. For example, doubling your conversion rate (a 100% increase) will cut CAC in half. Enough said? Talk to us today!

5. Discover Your Optimal Marketing Budget!

CRO increases your sales, which increase your profits, which in turn expand your budget, so you can invest more into CRO while continuing to grow rapidly. Trend upward forever. Speak to us today!

6. Optimize Lead Generation: Prequalify Your Leads!

When your sales funnel is well optimized and all your messaging is complete and consistent across all your marketing channels, you get prequalified, highly relevant leads, instead of non-converting junk leads. Your sales department will love working with the fresh quality lead stream.

7. Snub Your Competition, Out-Optimize Them out of Business!

Another major benefit: website CRO will help you steal customers from your competition. The more site visitors you convert on the fly, the fewer does your competition. Every prospect that you fail to convert will opt for a competitor of yours, but one that you have converted will not. Help us convert you right now so your leads stop going to your competition!

8. Beat Your Competition at Advertising!

Conversion optimization is not limited to site pages. It is universal, so it includes ad copy as well. Wasn't it one of our ads that brought you here? But 95% of all Google ads that we see are mediocre. Drop us a line now — and very soon your ads will eat your competitors' ads for breakfast!

9. Boost Your Affiliate Marketing with CRO!

Online affiliate marketers are shrewd, and they know a great website when they see one. A site on any subject that is well-optimized by CRO methods is likely to attract more and better affiliate opportunities. Grab them so your competition does not get them instead!

10. Retain Prospects Through Optimized Opt-in Signup!

What about those relevant site visitors that do not convert right away? The length of your sales cycle will be different for different audience segments. You should retain interested prospects long-term by letting them subscribe to your newsletter (or another form of free information service). We will optimize the signup process, accelerating your subscriptions.

11. Take Advantage of a Flat Fee — and Exponential Growth!

Conversion Optimizers use different pricing models for their service. Some escalate their fees, making them contingent on the results they demonstrate. Some will ask for the proverbial "seat at the table." We do not. We calculate our service fee based on your site, your market, your total marketing budget, and the estimated amount of work. And that's it: no escalation, no paying through the nose. We love hearing out clients say "Wow" as we "optimizedly" skyrocket their conversion rates. Engage us today!

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