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Our killer mix of digital marketing services incudes multichannel strategy development, optimized Web design, compelling and trending content, search engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), Google Ads management, conversion rate optimization (CRO), social media and email marketing — as well as other, more specialized marketing activities appropriate to your market niche. We rely on a proven mix of advanced digital best practices for generating relevant traffic to your site and speeding up your leads, sales, and ROI. Let us discuss your marketing plan. We are your money tree — shake us now!

What Is the Digital Marketing Mix?

By googling it, you will find various definitions of what makes a strong digital marketing mix. Some internet marketing service providers can be vague as to how they define it and what they mean by it. The concept of the marketing mix has been around since the 1960s, when it was first formulated, and into the digital age. The fact that digital promotion requires a diversified, structured, widely distributed "mixture" of marketing measures and methods adds complexity to the matter. For the sake of transparency, Search Benefit hereby declares its own definition of the DMM and reveals the basic formula that we use in its implementation. By reading on you will get a thorough grasp of what the DMM means.

Here is Search Benefit's definition of the online marketing mix concept. (Please note that we connect this with the more traditional 4Ps of Marketing formulation below.) According to our Web marketing methodology, our Digital Marketing Mix (DMM) consists of 3 core marketing components that we implement across all the 4 digital traffic channels that bring leads to your website. Underlying our DMM idea is the "COD" principle. To wit:

The 3 Fundamentals of the Digital Marketing Mix: Content, Design, CRO

This is what makes our well-mixed bag of digital marketing boons so handsome(?), powerful, and exciting! To take advantage of it shortly, communicate with us today: we are just a click away!

These three basic "COD" components of your internet marketing mix govern the marketing activities that we perform across all the main traffic acquisition channels of a properly diversified digital marketing effort. The four important traffic channels "mixed" in the marketing process — with their corresponding parts of the DMM — are:

  1. Organic Search (targeted by Search Engine Optimization or SEO);
  2. Paid Search (targeted by Pay-Per Click or PPC advertising, such as Google Ads);
  3. Social Media (targeted by Social Media Marketing, or SMM);
  4. Email (targeted by Email Marketing).

While these four main channels are almost universally helpful to business, others (such as business directories, industry forums, and so on) are more specialized and can be useful on a casebycase basis.

The 4 Main Channels of the Digital Marketing Mix

You can now see the DMM structure comprising your wide marketing funnel, which is the internet, and your smaller conversion funnel, which is your website. In Search Benefit's implementation of the DMM, the two funnels work seamlessly together. We use an intuitive formula to explain the nature of the Digital Marketing Mix:

Digital Marketing Mix (DMM) =

3 COD Principles (Content, Optimization, Design)

x 4 Traffic Channels (organic search + PPC ads + social media + email)

If this sounds a bit complicated at first blush, it really isn't. Please read on.

How Does a Digital Marketing Mix Work?

Here is how all this works once properly integrated. Sites, blogs, landing pages, ad copy, social media posts and comments, emails — all the channels through which visitors are likely to discover your website — are made up of content, which includes text, data, and visuals. Likewise, all of them are subject to visual design. Design is how all content is presented to the viewer. The clarity, economy, and intuitiveness of design are what enables online content to achieve the full potential of its impact, which, in the case of a commercial website, is to make you the most money.

Content marketing underlies all marketing, while the presentation aspect of all marketing is governed by design. The quality of your digital content and the quality of your design are guaranteed to have a decisive impact — whether positive or negative — on how much money your website will make you.

So how do you ensure that your digital content and your Web design perform at maximum capacity, both on your site and across the digital traffic streams that feed into it? That is the subject of the specialized science of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). In order to achieve their maximum potential, the content and design aspects of all four of your web traffic channels need to be tested and progressively fine-tuned based on CRO best practices. CRO is an empirical practice that depends on constantly creating alternative versions of content and design, and running A/B split-tests to measure their comparative effectiveness at increasing conversions. Once a test is completed and the results are analysed, the winning version of a page is promoted to become the official page — until a better version of it is found through further testing. Even small changes to content and design can often have a significant effect on the performance of your entire digital marketing mix.

What Happened to the 4Ps of the Traditional Marketing Mix?

Digital marketing mix is a "virtual" remodeling of the old, traditional marketing mix idea, which rests on the 4P model of Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. How has this idea evolved to combine with the methods and practices of online marketing?

The traditional 4Ps still make perfect sense for all marketing. Without a product to promote at its price and at its place of distribution, there is nothing to market, period. Nothing has changed in this regard. But in digital commerce, what is meant by "product" can easily turn out to be a digital product or service (examples include premium directory and database access, Kindle books, Wall Street Journal subscriptions, computer games, SaaS or software-as-a-service, online email server use, and so on). You get the picture.

But digitality redefines everything. To abridge the long story, on the internet the all-purpose 4P package of Price, Product, Promotion, and Place turns into Process, People, Platform, Performance. As you can see, this DMM model is data-centric. "Process" refers to your marketing strategy and the stages of its implementation. "People," your prospective customers, are engaged through persona analysis and marketing personalization. "Platform" means availing yourself of the right technologies and tools to power your company website, e-commerce, audience building, marketing production, data analysis and performance measurement. "Performance" refers to the total success of your virtual marketing effort, measured based on essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

In Search Benefit's implementation, our fundamental DMM strategy - the COD Principle, as defined above — sums up our marketing process, "mixed and mingled" across the main channels of Web traffic (people) and optimized on all platforms to increase brand visibility and generate leads and sales for maximum ROI-based performance. By the way, do we give the impression of knowing our stuff? We eat, drink, and dream your digital marketing mix solution. You needn't delay any further, reach out now!

The Top 6 Benefits of the Digital Marketing Mix

Here is why our digital marketing mix service package is bound to prove beneficial to your business.

Benefit 1: Online Findability

Every bit of content that you publish on your site or in social media is an opportunity for your business to be found by prospective clients on the Web. The algorithms of search engines and of social media platforms index your content and strive to display it to interested users. For all their artificial intelligence, however, these "algos" are not super bright. They will not know what your article or video is about unless you reliably signal it to them. There are numerous ways — some commonsensical and some highly technical — of cluing in the search and social media algorithms regarding the relevance of your pages to their intended audience and to specific keywords. At Search Benefit, we have mastered every trick in the book to ensure your online findability. Ready to put our expertise at your disposal right away, we are standing by. Kindly signal us your interest!

Benefit 2: Brand Visibility

We have covered the digital algorithms, but what about people? Your goal is to reach, not software, but real human individuals. Connecting with people in a powerful way opens up tremendous opportunities. In every industry, there are leading authorities who stand out. They tweet, they blog, they Facebook, they chat on LinkedIn, they appear on TV, on YouTube, in podcasts, as well as in mortar-and-brick lecture halls. These influencers are well-known and can do a lot to help your brand by recommending it or even by simply mentioning it favorably in the right contexts. Another (but possibly overlapping) audience category of special interest are your so-called "hyperactives," that is, those people who are already in love with your brand and full of enthusiasm for it, becoming your free-of-charge brand ambassadors both on- and off-line. Search Benefit commands the marketing savvy needed to attract and cultivate such followers around your brand. Send us some quick words to find out more!

Benefit 3: Marketing Diversification

We have described the channels of internet marketing very broadly, but each of them is its own universe. To take social media marketing as an example. The very term "media" is plural: there are many social media, some mainstream and some highly niche specific (e.g. various industry discussion forums). Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are huge worlds unto themselves, but they consist of individuals and of niches (many niches have active groups in social media). It is therefore important to diversify your social media presence accordingly. What about search? Diversify your keyword strategy. Email marketing? Diversify your opt-in mailing list. All this comes as naturally as breathing to our stalwart team of digital marketing gurus. Introduce yourself now to become a mightily satisfied beneficiary of our result-based approach to marketing your brand. Let us talk today!

Benefit 4: Marketing Integration

Be it social media, email marketing, or keyword research — we make it a unified and seamless experience for your customers. We blend all aspects of online marketing into a well-optimized mix of sophisticated communication methods. For instance, we optimize content with keywords in the vein of SEO in order to boost content searchability and make it more relevant to the user since the user expects the content to tally with his unique search phase. Using the same keyword in the landing page heading, in the corresponding Google ad, and in the follow-up email marketing message ensures the continuity of user experience, which in turn enhances CRO. CRO ensures whether or not the content is structured in a user-friendly, conversion-friendly manner. An email marketing newsletter can then be repurposed as a blog post relevant and useful to site visitors. This is just one instance of how the different aspects of marketing communication reinforce each other within the mix. We make it all work like a well-assembled machine where each element works in tandem with the other in order to bring your customers a fully integrated Web experience. Inquire now!

Benefit 5: Constructive Specialization

Take advantage of a complete, well-balanced team of DMM experts. Search Benefit's SEO experts apply technical methods to thrust your site up the search ladder. Our creative marketers forge robust messages packed with your brand's service or product information for optimal brand positioning. Our pro bloggers persuasively highlight the benefits of your service offerings in clear, readable, people-oriented language. Our content architects become closely acquainted with your target niche and design multi-layered, multichannel content for all segments of your sales funnel. Our conversion optimizers obsess over every optimizable detail of your digital marketing mix. Let us implement your marketing dream for you. See the results for yourself!

Benefit 6: Progressive Optimizability

Conversion optimization methodology is built into everything Search Benefit does as a digital marketing provider. Every landing page, every paragraph, every blog post, video, photo or infographic on your website as well as on your social media pages is your chance to stand out and to grow your business. We optimize each and every one of them from head to toe. Our carefully refined CRO methodology ensures that it all hangs together, interconnects, and works optimally for your business goals. Give us a shout to learn how we can help!

Why the Digital Marketing Mix?

Your digital marketing mix is what will drive your brand's growth over time. It is a robust combination of online marketing strategies and tactics designed to catalyze conversions and increase sales.

Search Benefit offers a perfect brew of online marketing services, from strategic branding to editorial research to multichannel content development to technical content to infographics to viral content and more.

Search Benefit boasts seasoned content and design professionals who will study and develop your brand with great care. Our content team is deeply steeped in the 4 main channels of virtual marketing and draws on an in-house knowledge base of best practices and methodologies that keeps evolving with the latest digital trends. Our highbrow subject matter experts, adept at a slew of subjects, pursue in-depth research and produce accurate, clear, readable, top-notch content for almost any field or niche imaginable. Our SEO specialists pursue effective keyword strategies that appeal to human readers instead of search engine algorithms alone. Our technical content experts offer not only advanced technical writing, but readable, intuitive content. We create captivating infographics to spotlight your business offerings, and make trending content that generates more clicks, more page visits to your site, more conversions, more sales.

We're ready to make you more money! Why wait? Reach out, get in touch!

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