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Search Benefit's Content Marketing Services

Although we produce a high volume of Web content for many sites, we are not your generic medium-grade bulk content shop. Our content creation team is led and personally trained by a Harvard double alum who also holds a PhD in editing (yes, they exist!) from Boston University's Editorial Institute. Thanks to such high-caliber expertise, we are almost uniquely positioned to create prime content for most markets out there. Our client industries range from local service providers to salvage cars to industrial coatings to high tech to extremely sophisticated, science based analytical equipment. We have almost no subject-matter limits, and no niche is boring to us. We look forward to hearing all about yours!

Why Content Marketing?

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Your target audience is much more likely to embrace your brand and your offering if you prioritize powerful, inspiring and well-strategized content marketing. Your content strategy is your company's long suit.
Content marketing's benefits, demonstrated in numerous studies, are compelling. Here are some cool facts to know:

  • Conversion rates are 6 times higher on average for companies investing in content.
  • Brands spend more on content creation than on traditional advertising.
  • Prime content turns your site into an environment of value for your prospects.
  • 78% of customers prefer learning about a brand through blog posts.
  • More, better monthly content installments make for accelerated lead generation.

Search Benefit is a Boston-based content-marketing service located in Harvard Square, the capital of all content. Our team comprises seasoned strategists, marketers, editors, writers, designers and video specialists. A number of us have advanced academic backgrounds. Well equipped to understand your core business needs, we handle all markets and niches, from the most common to the most peculiar and highbrow. We capitalize on a dynamic content marketing plan designed to magnetize your prospects through a fulfilling content experience. Our persona-focused content plan brings your well-crafted story before your target audience. Our multidisciplinary approach guarantees marketable content and accelerated conversion rates.

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Bland to Brand with Search Benefit

In-depth content, captivating visual feeds, inspiring infographics, intriguing social media banners — we do it all, every trick in the book. Our well-constructed content architecture catalyzes the prospects of your brand, turbocharges conversion rates, reduces bounce rates, and multiplies your brand followers.

Did you know that a visual tweet gets around 18% more clicks than a textual one? Over 90% of bloggers depend on social media to increase traffic to their posts. Our expert content strategists and planners are committed to producing engaging content for social media optimization. Our highly innovative writers make it insanely easy for users to share and retweet valuable information, memes and videos related to your business, improving brand recall. Let us be your brand evangelists!

Content Marketing Strategy

A sound content marketing strategy drives user engagement, boosts click-through rates (CTR), and increases sales. At Search Benefit, we create content that is data-backed, dynamic, educational, entertaining, and inspiring. Our well-toned content brings your brand to the fore, converting website visitors into leads.

Content marketing competition is fierce. Around 2 million blog posts are created on the Internet each day. By January 2020 alone, there were 1,742,813,617 websites across the globe! Yet, while content marketing and content creation are near-universal, quality content is not. With consumer preferences ever evolving, the meaning of quality content is changing by the day. One factor among many that influences the nature of online content is the constant evolution of Google's search algorithm. (We in the trade nickname it "the algo.")

What, then, is high-quality content? There is no narrow answer: every market, every niche, every company is different and deserves a well-researched content strategy tailored to its specific needs. Our approach to content strategizing is research-heavy and highly niche- and client-oriented. As we study your brand closely, we become intimately aware of its nature and character. We serve as your multichannel online publishing platform, providing informative, strategically designed, well-optimized content for all parts of your conversion funnel. For immediate benefit, we start by identifying key focus-areas in order to maximize relevant site traffic and conversion rates. Please do not hesitate to find out more today!

From landing pages to blog posts to articles to video to email marketing to infographics to automated drip campaigns, we strategically develop a digital content marketing mix and work toward consolidating your brand's position on the market. Our strategists and analysts measure the impact of each digital marketing campaign, reviewing and progressively optimizing engagement and conversion rates based on the proven statistical methods of conversion optimization. We upgrade our content strategy on an ongoing basis. As your brand grows, we adjust our content plan and production accordingly. Meanwhile, we closely track the work of your competitors and turn every insight to your greater brand advantage. Get in touch to find out how!

Content Marketing Plan

At Search Benefit, our strategic content experts develop an aggressive content marketing plan that involves sophisticated keyword research, eye-catching and informative headlines, supreme readability, and engaging brand information. What follows is a somewhat more technical introduction to planning the various parts and aspects of a content marketing effort. We create specific, precise content that not only fosters brand awareness but tugs at your customers' very heartstrings to drive their purchase decisions.

The Parts of Content Marketing

Content marketing is the broadest subset of digital marketing. It includes but is not limited to:

  • Marketing messages and service and product information on your website
  • Off-site marketing (press releases, blogger outreach, industry forum posts)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Pay Per Click / PPC / Google Ads and Landing Pages
  • Video Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Opt-in Email Marketing
  • Offline Content Marketing: Print, TV, etc.

We provide most of the above, usually in well-planned and designed monthly bundles. One significant part of content optimization is ensuring brand integrity and message consistency across these multiple channels. Going with Search Benefit has clear, measurable advantages. Let us get into the details of your company's content marketing needs today!

Progressive Content Mapping

In developing a content marketing plan for a company, we start with progressive content mapping. We examine the types of content that work best for each stage of your typical sales cycle and for each element — whether large or small — of your sales funnel. Our content mapping strategy also involves rigorous keyword mining and keyword mapping, which matches the buyer's journey and takes advantage of the language that expresses her quest, expectations and concerns. We know how to align content with user psychology. Our advantageous and adventurous content mapping plan revolves around the typical 4 stages of the buying cycle:

  1. Awareness — We create captivating landing pages, blog posts, social media updates that inform the prospect of your offering and its benefits.
  2. Research — The prospect goes deeper, delving into webinars, in-depth industry reports.
  3. Comparison — The prospect turns to reviews, customer testimonials, case studies, feature matrices and comparative pricing information.
  4. Purchase — The prospect reaches the last stage of the sales cycle by requesting additional information or a quote and through direct communication with your sales team, or by making a purchase.

A well-planned, detailed mapping of content requirements to these progressive stages reliably boosts leads and sales, incrementally consolidating brand knowledge and purchase readiness.

Adaptive, Responsive, Personalized Content

We excel at delivering the right message to the right prospect at the right moment. Adaptive content is the way to a budding customer's heart. We manufacture content that responds and adapts to your customers' needs and maximizes relevance and personalization — the linchpins of digital marketing.

Content Confidence and Maturity

Our content marketing strategists study your core business deliverables to create confident, crisp, spot-on content. We believe what we share with your target audience. Our research spares no information loopholes. We highlight product benefits and provide a value-based experience to your customers. We interview stakeholders, create a welcoming wealth of content, and craft irresistible CTAs (Calls to Action). Drop us a line without further delay to start benefitting from our content marketing expertise!

Collaboration: We Are a Team

Sound risk-taking, interactive dynamics, open-ended innovation — we prioritize teamwork. We delight in conferencing and exchanging ideas, whether virtually or in real life. Our dynamic team includes inhouse writers and subject-matter researchers, editors, SEOs, project managers, email and social media marketeers — as well as your own domain knowledge experts and business analysts, who can share their valuable inputs.

At Search Benefit, we huddle around your brand priorities and have only one goal: to make you more money, to boost your ROI. Your brand, your business model, your needs, your focus areas, your ideas, your customer base — we are all ears. with our master strategists and marketers, your brand becomes synonymous with success.

Why Search Benefit?

Search Benefit is a premier content agency staffed by PhDs and Ivy League grads. We specialize in content that is captivating, inspiring, informative, and entertaining. We invest in high-resolution content, combining business inputs and creative insights to propel your brand to the fore.

Lasting, Evergreen Content

Google favors relevant, ample, enduring content. We strengthen your brand presence by publishing "evergreen" content that keeps your brand and its products or services relevant over a sustained period, without going out of date prematurely. We provide and deploy well-strategized information and ensure its high readability and accessibility for effective prospect engagement.

Language Analysis and Keyword Mining

Truth, not hype: we use highly sophisticated methods of applied linguistics to analyze and verify the characteristic language of your market. In our experience, the language of supply — i.e. marketing content — is often sadly divorced from the language of demand — of people's actual needs and problems. This disparity of expression and register significantly reduces conversion rates, costing you sales. To market to your prospects strategically means to re-formulate your offering in the idiom of the end user. Search Benefit takes advantage of its array of methods and tools for performing a linguistic analysis of your market for optimized content marketing. In-depth keyword mining is part of developing our content marketing plan. Scientifically vetted keywords, combined with sound SEO methods, guide the search engines to your website pages and rank them at the top of the search results for relevant subject searches. A robust keyword strategy translates to your site's greater searchability, helping your brand take center-stage in its relevant niche.

Higher Readability, Better Engagement

On average, most visitors spend less than 5 seconds on a web page. When they feel even slightly confused by what they find there, drop-off is exponential. Even an interested reader spends no more than an average of 37 seconds on a blog post. We construct our Web content in such a way that the reader will derive and process the maximum amount of information out of your site even in that limited time, standing a higher chance of being converted by your message. Our content specialists create simple, easy-to-read, moving content that highlights the keystones of your brand identity.

Enticing Design, User-Centered Content

Visual content is a special content category that in fact starts with your site's graphic design and the visual aspects of your brand, chiefly your logo and main image. Unless you are a digital marketing pro, you may not be aware that it takes your online visitors only 50 milliseconds (that's 0.05 seconds!) on average to make up their mind whether they like your site, which determines whether they'll stay or leave. The decisive factor is not rational: it is the site design. Paradoxically, however, professional designers are most often not the most sound predictors of users' experiences and reactions.

From the point of view of branding strategy and of sales, quantifying the effectiveness of a design — as of textual content and indeed of any other elements of a commercial website — falls into the domain of the special discipline of Conversion Rate Optimization. We love and excel at CRO, which completely takes the guesswork out of design and content creation, rendering their results 100% testable and measurable. While creative designers often pride themselves on "thinking out of the box," CRO measures what really works. Search Benefit's designs are optimized for one thing only: your commercial success. We don't do guesswork. We conduct rigorous testing, measuring user behavior and conversion rates. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you require more information.

In designing what we call the "content architecture" of our marketing effort, we focus on buyer personas to create user-centered design and content. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data collected from your customer base. When creating your buyer persona(s), we consider customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.

User-friendly content means better engagement. A potential customer must be keen on exploring your brand further. Vivid, well-researched information and improved landing page experience translate to higher conversion rates and improved brand positioning.

100% Uniquely Planned, Crafted, Verified

Plagiarism — whether as simple theft of proprietary content or in the shape of highly derivative, second rate content appropriated by shallow, careless rewriting — is the bane of cheap content production on the Web. Indeed, when you order "affordable bulk content" online, chances are high that what you receive fits the definition of plagiarism.

The risk of plagiarized content appearing on your site is not be taken lightly. First, plagiarism is unethical, illegal, and leaves you vulnerable to lawsuits. Second, Google is guaranteed to detect and discount derivative content and is even likely to penalize your website for posting it. Google hates inflated content duplication and uses advanced LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) to process Web content. Google will detect duplicate content and plagiarism even when most words of a text are replaced with synonyms.

At Search Benefit, our very methodology of strategic content design and development — from scratch to finish — rules out any possibility of plagiarism. Nevertheless, as a matter of QA (content quality assurance), we routinely run our content through top-notch plagiarism detection software. The chance of your receiving plagiarized content from Search Benefit equals zero.

Versatile, media-rich, uniquely researched and crafted content is the marker of authenticity and credibility. It also boosts' your website's visibility in the search engines. Our content solution attracts the trust of your target audience, boosts the social media buzz around your brand, and grabs the attention of influencers.

"Viral" Trending Content = Rapid Networking

COVID-19 seems to have made the idea of digital "virality" passé. Let us speak instead of high trending content. Your story trending in Google search, on industry forums, in social media, and in other relevant venues, can become a mighty vehicle for swift content propagation. A content strategy that ensures such an outcome, wins. Various types of content can radically improve brand marketability because they boast a higher likelihood of trending. Such seemingly trivial things as an increase in social shares and retweets can often deliver a tremendous boost to your ROI. Finally, regular trending can be a powerful source of brand trust.

Your Brand Is Our Mission

Search Benefit uses its expertise to capitalize on multitier content marketing strategies to maximize brand outreach over time. Our marketers leave no stone unturned to create content that foregrounds your brand, your business priorities, and your customer base. We strive to refine your brand personality and bring it to the fore with all the power of a well-strategized and diversified digital marketing mix.

Keeping It Human

Whether you are selling extra-large dog beds or X-ray fluorescence analyzers for positive material identification, real people with their real-world needs and problems are the true focus of any viable enterprise. Therefore, people-centric content is our mantra at Search Benefit. Your target audience is more than a target for us. We will go out of our way to understand your customer base, your business priorities, your ambitions, and you. Take your brand to the next level with us!

Highly Accurate Metrics

How impactful was our branding strategy?

Was there a spike in sales?

How many impressions did you earn?

How many shares did our posts get?

What Web links did they attract?

Did our content go trending?

How many visitors turned into leads or sales?

We have the answers to these necessary questions: accurate metrics for measuring the performance of our content marketing strategy and implementation.

For every client website, we track a wide variety of metrics, including the following:

  • The amount of visitor traffic to your website, including your selling pages;
  • The number of views and downloads of your content;
  • Social engagement rates and numbers of followers;
  • Most importantly, the conversion rates and the cost per conversion.

Reinforcing Brand Resonance

Our dynamic content marketing strategy, tested marketing methods, and the extensive expertise of our content planners and developers all work together to strengthen your brand resonance. Our expert content strategists, equipped with powerful inhouse analytical and marketing tools, will go to extreme lengths to maximize your brand reach. Our marketers go the extra mile to make your brand a part of people's lives. Trust us with your core business requirements and your dreams. Get in touch today!

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