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Founded in 2009 in Cambridge, Massachusetts by a Harvard-educated polymath who also holds a PhD in editing, Search Benefit is closely connected with the city's academic scene. The company boasts an unparalleled team of marketers, advertisers, content professionals, editors, SEO experts, pay-per-click advertisers, Analytics specialists, and programmers. All our expertise is geared toward one goal: to power-boost your online sales or lead generation.

We will design, create, brand, and market an optimized, high performance website, or we will streamline your legacy site, accelerating your sales. Relying on proven methods and diversified strategies, Search Benefit has served clients across a wide market spectrum, from small and mid-sized businesses to global marketplaces, industry leaders, and large international corporations.

You can rely on Search Benefit either as a one-stop digital marketing solution for your business, or as an efficient team player who will work with your in-house staff as well as third parties.

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Market, Strategy, Optimization

Each market leaves a search footprint that speaks volumes. We analyze this data to build a viable marketing strategy. Segmenting, measuring, testing and optimizing all elements of online marketing, we edge you conversion rate progressively higher.

Website, Content, Marketing

We are experts at designing, creating and marketing highly optimized websites. Implementing Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and other advanced marketing methods, we prime your site for sales.

Advertising, AdWords, Pay Per Click

Our Pay-Per-Click campaigns distinguish your offering from its competition. Through data analysis, testing, methodical granularity, and killer ads and landing pages, we achieve high quality scores and conversion rates, lowering the cost per conversion.



Misha Kapushesky Misha Kapushesky
Genestack Ltd

Search Benefit created an optimized, search-friendly design for Genestack. We had special requirements, including pixel-perfect design implementation and fast page load speed (which is necessary for the best user experience and for SEO). Search Benefit coded the site exactly as required, following our spec to a T, and made our webpages lightning fast. We were delighted with Search Benefit’s work!

Roland Pap Roland Pap
President, is very glad to partner with Search Benefit in the development of our SEO training courses, curricula, and textbooks, as well as of our business strategies. We provide advanced instruction for and certification of search engine optimization professionals and trainers across the globe. In terms of both hands-on knowhow and methodological expertise, Search Benefit is among the authorities that set the standard of excellence for the SEO industry.

Andrey Tsukanov Andrey Tsukanov
SEO/SEM Strategist,

Philip is a very detail oriented SEO and marketing strategist. He is the solid SEO professional and contributed much free help on the SEOchat Forum. His expert recommendations and contributions were always very useful and helped effective. He helped many SEO specialists and webmasters to improve their websites’ visibility in the Google and Bing search engines as well as to improve their general marketing campaigns.

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