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"Search Benefit
has helped us tremendously by building our keyword strategy and SEO. They have propelled our search engine rankings to a much higher level, and we are very pleased with the resulting increase
in ROI!"
"Search Benefit
provided Geotechnical with excellent results that surpassed our expectations, landing us in the top three results for many of the most targeted and high-volume keywords for our industry."
-- Geotechnical Services
 "Our sales doubled within six months thanks largely to Search Benefit's work."

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Search Engine Marketing Strategy in Action

SEO Client Testimonial: "As Geotechnical recently restructured to take on a new vendor for our best-performing product type, we needed to add significant visibility and innovative marketing strategies to our repertoire. Search Benefit became our primary advisor for SEO/SEM initiatives. Working in the analytical instrumentation industry, where there is heavy online competition for top positions on search engines and a flood of internet ads that all look very much alike, we were not sure we could perform well considering our limited resources in terms of time and budget, and believing our website to be optimized in large part already. Search Benefit provided Geotechnical with excellent results that surpassed our expectations, landing us in the top three results for many of the most targeted and high-volume keywords for our industry. Search Benefit's approach to SEO was truly innovative, providing us with an extremely thorough understanding of the search behavior of our target audience. The extensive web of industry keywords mined for us by Search Benefit has been extremely helpful in designing our search engine optimization and marketing campaigns. Search Benefit has empowered us to be able to understand and maintain our results by teaching us the concepts and skills necessary to be able to execute our own search engine optimization and providing us with the tools we need to keep our rankings high for years to come. Most importantly, we have seen an exponential increase in web leads. They're pouring in!"
-- Julia Kleyman, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Geotechnical Services Inc.

SEO Client Testimonial: "Search Benefit did a thorough SEO and digital marketing job for, which included product and marketing strategy, competitive analysis, the SEO overhaul of our website, development and design requirements, keyword mining, SEO content production in multiple languages, and AdWords development and management in English and French. Our sales doubled within six months thanks largely to Search Benefit's work."
-- Semyon Dukach, CEO,

Our Current SEO Clients

At Search Benefit, we give all our SEO Clients our utmost attention. Each client is unique, and for each we implement a distinct and specific search engine marketing strategy in accordance with our applied methodology of Correct SEO. We want you to succeed, and your website, digital marketing and online advertisement to boost your sales and to give you an edge over your competition. This, for us, is a matter of pride as much as livelihood.

Here is a partial sample of our live ongoing projects.

  • Stainless Steel Coatings Inc. ( is the absolute world leader in high-end industrial stainless-steel-based anti-rust paints. Search Benefit provides the full range of SEO and SEM services to this manufacturer, including keyword mining, content strategy, SEO Web Design and Development specifications, digital marketing strategy and services, link building, development and management of AdWords and other pay-per-click (PPC) Search Engine Advertisement campaigns. Watch in real time as we replace this small 1998 site with a new, much larger and authoritative portal with full-range search engine optimization in place.
  •, world leader in email transport and email marketing services. Watch in real time as we replace this legacy site with a brand-new one, SEO-streamlined from the bottom up in English and French, by March 1, 2010! The SEO spec, content structure, keyword strategy, visual design, image and coding optimization guidelines and requirements are all by Search Benefit. We develop and manage's Google AdWords campaigns in English and French, comprising some 30,000 search keywords relating to SMTP servers, email and email marketing. Thanks to Search Benefit's efforts,'s Web-based dedicated SMTP service sales grew 54% in August-September 2009, and doubled between that time and the beginning of 2010.
  •, a standards-setting professional certification body for the SEO/SEM Industry. We provide them with SEO industry standards research, content, SEO recommendations, institutional and brand elevation advising.
  • Geotechnical Services Inc. (, an XRF Analysis instrumentation marketing company, is one of our favorite SEO clients. We have been guiding and monitoring the streamlining of their Web presence since July 2009. As of November, it is on page 1 of Google for 247 keywords and rising fast. We performed the search market analysis for, designed and currently manage Geotechnical's 8,000-keyword AdWords campaign on Google. Geotechnicalmarkets in the US forSPECTRO Analytical Instruments, a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of elemental analysis instruments based in Germany and operating in over 50 countries, a division of AMETEK Electronic Instruments Group. 
  • Kanda Software Inc. (, a premier builder of corporate knowledge management and distribution platforms and of bulletproof dynamic industry portals. This leading master of top-of-the-line Web applications, including content, search and SEO solutions, relies on Search Benefit for data retrieval and mining and a variety of SEO, a provider of online PDF-based authoring and editing software tools. We have been guiding the SEO streamlining of this site since August 2009. As of October 15, it is on page 1 of Google for 175 keywords, and the number is rising fast. We predict that this site will double its Web traffic by May 2010. The active master keyword list that we generated for their Google AdWords campaign is 5,000 industry-specific search entries strong.
  • FinCode Solutions ( is a high-power software and Web application development firm in New York City whose clients represent a gamut of business verticals, including finance, legal, retail, media and business to business. Apart from being our long-term business partner in creating optimized Web solutions, FinCode has now retained Search Benefit for a full-scale SEM, SEO and digital marketing project.
  • Fulcrum Poetry Press (, a top contemporary poetry publisher. Search Benefit is currently developing a complete spec for replacing this legacy site with a new one, thoroughly optimized for search. We will keep you posted as it comes up, and predict that the site will increase its visitor traffic and Web sales multiple times within a year of SEO streamlining.
  •, a British Internet discount shopping center connecting consumers with hundreds of retailers. They have engaged Search Benefit to diagnose and help correct a number of SEO problems with their website, which were negatively affecting their rankings for certain specific targeted search keywords.
  • McCarthy and Barrett, PC, a Boston-based legal firm. Their site is currently under development on an SEO specification supplied by Search Benefit, while we are preparing the launch of their Google advertising campaigns.

More Statements by Our SEO Clients

"Search Benefit truly stands at the cutting edge of Search Engine Optimization and commands the most extensive and up-to-date SEO knowhow. FinCode selected Search Benefit from among numerous SEO candidates; we partner with them on a regular basis in creating highly optimized Web solutions for many of our clients. Moreover, we rely on Search Benefit to fulfill our own stringent SEO requirements, and they do a tremendous job!"
-- Natalie Kaminski, CEO, FinCode Solutions

"We were having massive problems with our SEO due to a number of reasons and Search Benefit helped us to quickly diagnose and solve these problems that were hurting our rankings. We can't recommend Search Benefit enough as they are clear and concise and very knowledgeable in the SEO field!"
-- Bronwen Pollard, (UK)