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has helped us tremendously by building our keyword strategy and SEO. They have propelled our search engine rankings to a much higher level, and we are very pleased with the resulting increase
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"Search Benefit
provided Geotechnical with excellent results that surpassed our expectations, landing us in the top three results for many of the most targeted and high-volume keywords for our industry."
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 "Our sales doubled within six months thanks largely to Search Benefit's work."

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Founded in 2009 in Cambridge, Massachusetts by a Harvard-educated polymath who also holds a PhD in editing, Search Benefit is closely connected with the city's academic scene. The company boasts an unparalleled team of marketers, advertisers, content professionals, editors, SEO experts, pay-per-click advertisers, Analytics specialists, and programmers. All our expertise is geared toward one goal: to power-boost your online sales or lead generation.

We will design, create, brand, and market an optimized, high performance website, or we will streamline your legacy site, accelerating your sales. Relying on proven methods and diversified strategies, Search Benefit has served clients across a wide market spectrum, from small and mid-sized businesses to global marketplaces, industry leaders, and large international corporations.

You can rely on Search Benefit either as a one-stop online marketing solution for your business, or as an efficient team player who will work with your in-house staff as well as third parties.

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