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We are Search Benefit, a Boston-based digital marketing agency located in Harvard Square. Since 2009, we have made our clients many millions of US dollars. Manned by Ivy League alumni and by PhDs, our services are scientifically optimized to accelerate your profits. We launch top-performing websites, provide mission-critical prime content, and use proven statistical optimization methods to boost your sales and leads exponentially — for a flat monthly fee! Our results are 100% measurable, and our reporting metrics are transparent and clear.

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Content Is King: Go Viral

Content Is King: Go ViralOnline, content is king, so get content, everyone knows that now. But it's not just about professionally written "high quality content" any more. The Web content arena has become fiercely competitive. "High quality content" is necessary, but not enough. There is too much of it already out there. What you need is a winning content strategy and content that arises from research and fills information holes, content that is used by many, goes viral, meanwhile boosting the sales of your product or service.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate OptimizationCompared to traditional marketing, online marketing is an empirical science. Its impact is 100% measurable. This not only tells you exactly what you are getting for your buck; it provides the data feedback vital to optimizing marketing. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) applies to all marketing aspects and functions of a website, from its visual design to its performance, user interface, functionality, content, navigation, to its Google Ads campaigns, and to the business model itself.

Digital Marketing Mix

Digital Marketing MixDigital Marketing has turned into an extreme requirement for businesses. This includes Search Engine Optimization, PPC Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Optimized Web Design, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Only those companies that vigorously pursue internet marketing stand a competitive chance on the Web. We design and implement viable marketing strategies, testing and optimizing them for profits based on data mining and in-depth online market research.


Yury Strachuk Yury Strachuk
Auto Bid Master

By providing a multichannel monthly digital marketing and advertising package for a fixed fee, Search Benefit within just a year raised us from being a small startup to become a dominant online salvage car auction. We have never looked back!

Semyon Dukach Semyon Dukach

Search Benefit did a thorough SEO and digital marketing job for, which included product and marketing strategy, competitive analysis, an overhaul of our website, development and design requirements, keyword mining, content production in multiple languages, and Google Ads development and management in English and French. Our sales doubled within six months thanks largely to Search Benefit’s work.

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